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Though we North-Americans don’t feel it heavily, poverty is a burning issue in most parts of the world. About one-third of the world’s population is drowned deep in extreme poverty, mostly visible in Africa.

It’s up to us – the privileged ones on this Earth to lend our generous hands and extend our kinds hearts to rescue these ill-fortunate people from their misery.

We would like to request your support and kindness in the hour of need of the Benin people. In case if you are wondering why your help is so important to Benin – it’s one of the poorest countries on the face of the Earth, where nearly 75% of the people live on less than USD 2 per day. This West African country is struggling its way out of poverty and suffering. Benin people are by nature energetic and talented, they only need some helping hand to guide them and to provide financial aid, in order for them to stand on their feet by planting their own trees. Our initiative – van Duyse Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (VELI) expects to help the Benin people, especially the young students to start entrepreneurships to raise financial support for their families and their future as well. We provide financial aid, guidance & instructions, conduct progress monitoring of their entrepreneurships and provide further support – if needed, such as technical support and client relations.

Our ultimate goal is to end the poverty and suffering of the African people, by creating world-class, successful business leaders among themselves – who would not only be able to help them secure their future, but we are going to create future entrepreneurs who are going to create jobs and more business opportunities. Creating jobs that can earn more money is the key to ending poverty in the region. However, in the beginning, we are going to start small, focusing ourselves on Benin.

At van Duyse Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute, we train and guide students to become successful entrepreneurs. Our program consists of 3 phases:

1)      Train students on business and leadership

2)      Select a business idea, develop a business plan and get foreign investors to fund them

3)      Start-up the business and show a profit in a given period of time

Our fellow Americans can join our course in one or more of the following ways:

1)      Invest or loan money on student projects

2)      Partner with international and African institutes that work on the same course

3)      Become field partners of micro-lending platforms

4)      Create a private fund with van Duyse institute, which will be managed by the institute to fund the student projects

There are thousands of enthusiastic young students from Benin who are eager to become business leaders. They have the potential, inherent skills and the desire to become successful entrepreneurs, but lacking financial backing. Unlike most of our businesses in America, the young to-be entrepreneurs don’t need a capital of millions and billions. You can make a big difference and help their initial capital starting with as low as $50 USD. Our students are challenging themselves and are already growing initial investments on different businesses. This is where we need your help. If at least a few of you could support one business start-up in Benin, it could result in a whole village being made free of years of poverty and suffering.

Our lives are short and within this short life span, we have seen and experienced both good and bad things, but we can never compare the difficulties people in Africa have to live on a daily basis. Here’s your golden opportunity to get involved in a worthy cause that will help make this world a better place. Once again, as the van Duyse Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute, we would like to invite you to join hands with us to support the young entrepreneurs in Benin and all over Africa to become successful future business leaders who can take their country to a better position.

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