February 11th, 2014 | Vanduyse

Partnering with African and International institutions that share our mission.

Believe it or not – there are so many non-profit and government funded agencies who are working seamlessly to make Africa, particularly Benin, a better place to live in. Especially, there are several of those who share our course, who believe that key to demolishing poverty in Africa is to create more successful business and more jobs.
You can partner with any such organization to support our course. You can extend your support by either of the following ways:

• By providing financial support
• By providing consultation on entrepreneurship
• By helping to manage and review student projects
• By supporting the administrative activities of various institutions

It doesn’t matter who you want to engage with, as long as they are working towards the common goal of developing successful business leaders out of the today’s younger generation. Our dream is to enable them to stand on their own feet, which helping the others in their local community by generating more jobs, where the others can generate an income to support their families.

Most of these organizations, however, have started in the form of aid organizations, where they provided daily supplies such as food, water, clothes and medicine to the families in rural areas. However, after carrying out their relief services in the region for years, they too have come to realize that the best way to end the poverty is not to provide daily subsidiaries, but to teach them how to stand up on their own. That can only be done by supporting them to create and grow businesses in the local communities. You can join hands with one of such institutes to support our mission of creating successful future entrepreneurs.

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