February 11th, 2014 | Vanduyse

Becoming a field partner of and other micro-lending platforms and institutions

The most prominent obstacle for the people of Benin to start new entrepreneurships is the finance. Being inherited with poverty from several generations before them, they do not have the necessary financial backing to find the capital to start new businesses. Further, most such people from rural areas don’t have access to banking services to provide them with funds and loans. What we expect from our fellow Americans, in this content, is to lend money to the some of the potential entrepreneurs selected by us, to start-up their businesses.

Kiva is a non-profit organization, found in 2005 and over its lifetime has lent about USD 400 million to small entrepreneurs from Africa and other developing regions to combat their poverty. It’s the world’s first micro lending platform. Its objective is to connect contributors and donators with the entrepreneurs from the developing world to empower micro-finance. Its ultimate goal is to create a world where even the people in the most remote areas around the globe will hold the strength to create opportunities for themselves and others, so that they can grow their own trees to come out of poverty.

Kiva works in collaboration with several international micro-finance firms, businesses and non-profit groups who are known as field partners. You too can become a field partner with us and help us manage our funds and loans. You will get a chance to review loan requests from potential entrepreneurs, post loan requests on behalf of them, manage their funds and monitor their progress. When their start-up businesses are in the level of making profits, you will ensure that the lenders will be paid back on time. With Kiva, you get a chance to contribute towards a noble cause, so that you’ll be helping the Benin people to get rid of poverty, by making them stronger to earn for them and help the others earn by creating more jobs.

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