February 11th, 2014 | Vanduyse

Inviting individuals in America to consider giving, loaning or investing money in the student projects.

Today’s younger generation will be the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, investing in them is an assurance that this under-developed country will have a better future with less poverty and suffering. We Americans, always believe in giving something out of our successful and joyful lives to those who are in need of help and support. Our student entrepreneur projects are an opportunity for you, to help some students to bring out the future entrepreneurs hiding within them.
Student projects are small, but oriented activities with a definite timeline that are assigned to a team of students to be undertaken. These projects are usually in the nature of creating a business proposal, starting a small business and operate it for a given period to show profits, or to identify the issues in an existing business and propose solutions to improve the business, etc… You can contribute to these projects in several different ways:

1. Extend a loan to the students who are going to start a business. They will have to pay you back once they make profits.

2. Invest money in their small entrepreneurship. You can get into a business agreement with the students as to how much profit you expect to make in a given period of time.

3. Provide non-financial resources – technical knowledge, infrastructure or material to support their projects.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day, you will not only be giving them financial support, but you will implicitly help them develop their soft skills – such as communication, confidence, negotiation and marketing skills, as the students will directly communicate with you and negotiate on their business proposals. You and I both know that these skills are essential in order to become successful entrepreneurs. Take this an opportunity to give your share to make a better world, by supporting the future generation to stand up on their feet and find their way out.

Invest in the future

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