February 11th, 2014 | Vanduyse

Using crowd-funding platforms like and you can get involved.


If you do not like to directly engage with any of the existing institutes, yet are willing to support our cause, you can do through a trusted crowd-funding platform. That is where several people get together to create a network and pool their money, to create a project and make it happen. Crowd funding is not only for funding campaigns but for various other purposes like start-up businesses, political campaigns, etc… Therefore you have the chance to build a fund through one of these platforms and donate money for our student projects.

We have created fundraising campaigns for our student projects on several crowd-funding platforms such as Indiegogo and KickStarter. You can browse through the campaigns in there to find our campaigns by searching with our foundation name – van Duyse or by the project name – if you know it, and contribute your donations to those funds.

Additionally, you can also create your own funds in any of these crowd-funding platforms, and raise it to a level where you are able to fund a student project. By maintaining your own fund, you get a sense of dedication and commitment towards this worthy cause and you will be happy to involve more in helping out the students. Furthermore, when you have your own fund, you can ask your friends and colleagues to contribute to it, so that you get more people involved in your cause. You can help create a better future for the students. On our website, we can showcase your fund raising campaigns and how you help us create new leaders, so the whole world gets to know about your generosity and commitment towards a world without poverty.

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