To properly fulfill our mission and share with our students a world class education in leadership and business, van Duyse Leadership Center limits enrollment to 20 new students per semester.

In order to select those students we feel would be the best fit for our program, it is necessary to examine eligibility for the program.

Therefore, we kindly request that you forward to us your application for candidacy prior to August 20th, 2012. Click on the following links for information related to the application process and tuition.


  • Completed Information form
  • Recent Curriculum vitae (resume)
  • A copy of your latest diploma or certificate of diploma
  • A picture in 4 x 4 format
  • Registration fee of two thousand (2000) F CFA (4 USD)
  • Your latest academic statement (document that shows your grades)(Optional)

Recommendation letters from one or two people who know you well and who can attest to your character, integrity, academic achievements and work ethic(Optional)

A two to three page paper which answers the following question:“How I will change the world?”(Optional)
In addition, each student will need to complete and pass an enrollment exam onsite (See University Director). It is also possible that we may ask to meet with you for an interview in order to consider your candidacy.



Tuition, Academic Awards and Scholarships

Tuition for the Business and Leadership program at the Gregory van Duyse Leadership Center is as follows:

450,000 F CFA (Approximately $900/year – Nigeria and Ghana)


The University will offer a $200,000 F CFA scholarship based on socio-economic conditions. This would be evaluated on a case by case basis.


  • Must not be employed by the government
  • Must not be employed full time
  • Must not be a member of the military


Any students eligible for the scholarship must supply financial information regarding their parent’s employment as well. Ultimately, each student would pay tuition of 250,000 F CFA per year.


Five students will be awarded a full tuition scholarship on the condition that they agree to work for the University for one year during their schooling.

  • Two students will finish their first year and complete a year of apprenticeship
  • Two students will finish their second year and complete a year of apprenticeship, and
  • One student will finish their third year and complete a year of apprenticeship

The University will supply a Kindle to each student with the course books preloaded onto it. This relieves students of the need to purchase books for the course.

If you have any other question about how to study in VanDuyse Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute please Contact Us for more information